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CARRERA JEANS is an Italian clothing brand that controls the entire supply chain, from the raw material, to the product and up to the consumer.

Carrera offers a wide range of items for men, women and children. The collections are designed for an increasingly demanding clientele and the values ​​that inspire the company are universal and suitable for all ages: simplicity, dynamism, modernity, aesthetic taste and functionality.

Great attention is paid to the research and development of new fabrics and materials: the “Spintech”, for example, is an innovative FABRIC introduced by Carrera to enhance both the quality of the cotton and the comfort of the elastic thread. In practice, "Spintech" "is a stretch fabric which, thanks to an elasticized fiber covered entirely in cotton, gives the wearer a soft feeling of" 100% cotton on the skin ".

Another absolute NEW is the LEGG-JEANS for WOMEN with ALOE VERA treatment, the first in the world certified Vegan OK. For the first time, jeans are no longer just a style product but also a wellness tool.

For MEN, the novelty is called PASSPORT, the first jeans that combines style, extra comfort, safety and well-being in a single product.

It is a new generation jeans, ultra comfortable and suitable for travelers, because it allows you to keep documents, wallet and mobile phone in safety.

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