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Facis, since 1932, has been manufacturing tailor-made haute couture garments, bearing in mind that the quality of the materials and the attention to detail make the difference in the world of haute couture. The company started out in 1932 when it manufactured classic and elegant clothing. Facis was born from the merger of the Donato Levi company and the Rivetti wool mills. First the Financial Texile Group was set up and then the Facis brand which is an acronym for Fabbrica Fabbrica Conpackati in Serie. In the beginning, men's clothes and work clothes were made. It was only after World War II that the company management, made up of the new generations of the Rivetti family, imposed an industrial rejuvenation taking inspiration from the American model. The modernization consisted in the production of men's suits divided into sizes. The company has faced two great moments of crisis, from which it has emerged without ever giving up elegance and good taste. At the end of the seventies, Giorgio Armani and Valentino dresses parade on the catwalks of high fashion. Facis, then, takes a back seat as a brand but continues to function as a factory for the packaging of the clothes of the big brands. The second moment of crisis is more recent, but the passage into the hands of the Bucalo family and the choice of new trendy lines have transformed the Fucis brand into a point of reference for those dedicated to sportswear and accessories. Facis, for the tailored, trendy and elegant tailoring style.