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modáh was born in 2010 from a brilliant intuition of Federico Casini and Francesco Miceli who, at a time of severe crisis in the sector, were able to seize an opportunity for development and growth in the reference segment.

modáh is today one of the emerging Italian companies in the production and sale of fashion clothing.

Each garment summarizes the right balance between quality and design. Inspired by the world of youth, always attentive and full of stylistic innovations, it does not renounce elegance by offering a refined and transversal product suitable for an audience of all ages.

Week after week modáh offers a fresh, current and captivating style, always showing itself in step with the latest trends and offering a product with absolutely fashionable contents.

The excellent value for money, the continuous research of shapes and proportions to guarantee wearability and style at the same time, the quality of fabrics and yarns, are the elements that make modáh a brand and an ever-current product.

modáh is the protagonist of advertising campaigns with advertisements in the main regional and national newspapers, presence on all web / social platforms and billboards on the most important streets where the points of sale are present.

A complete campaign that is able to reach an ever wider audience and generate more and more contacts. Our company, has an operational structure, with offices equipped with specific equipment for the control of the sale, makes use of fashion visual merchandising and visual display resources to maximize the profitability of the window displays of all the stores.

the result is a company that works with seriousness and professionalism, guaranteeing reliability for all its products.