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The tasty lunch break, the interruption of the tasteless everyday frenzy, passes by Rustichelli & Mangione. What are you waiting for to immerse yourself in made Italy, to put the quality of tradition between your teeth? At Rustichelli & Mangione you will find focaccia, bread, croissants, cakes and desserts, all within the breakfast menu, super breakfast combo collection and classic combo, or for children. Products that respect the canons of the made in Italy tradition but above all products that respect the rising and cooking times, ideal for sweet and savory products. Rustichelli & Mangione offers you the opportunity to taste the products of the tricolor bakery, it is an expression of gastronomic made in Italy, it is the perfect synthesis of Mediterranean colors and flavors, rendered in a unique mixture. The products of Rustichelli & Mangione, for 40 years, are ideal for those looking for a tasty and quality break, when traveling, on city walks, or in crazy and desperate shopping. Authenticity and simplicity come together in a one-of-a-kind recipe. It will be enough for you to have some time to dedicate to yourself and to devote to good food to enter the atmosphere and world of Rustichelli & Mangione. True relaxation therefore passes through the so-called creators of taste who, in an increasingly frenetic society, offer handmade bakery, respecting the rising and cooking times, ideal for sweet and savory. Quality ingredients, genuine products, made available to products with an absolutely authentic taste.