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Our debut dates back to 1998 with the first Flavio Castellani women’s collection. Since then, our path in the field of women’s fashion has brought us further and further forward, in the name of continuous improvement. Our collections mirror us and follow us step by step in our personal evolution. Our style is modern, gritty, elegant: the Flavio Castellani woman is both sober and sensual. Respect for a working methodology in the typical Italian tradition is combined with the ability to look to the future to anticipate styles and trends. Craftsmanship and technology together to create excellent quality garments in the continuity and consolidation of made in Italy.

Each of our shops is a special place. Architecture and design are conceived in such a way as to put customer needs at the center, focusing attention on the collection, thanks to clean and essential lines of furniture and lights. This is because our stores also reflect the desire to never be distracted by the needs of customers. Entering a Flavio Castellani concept store you will begin an interactive journey made up of clothes and accessories that you can wear and combine. The philosophy of our stores is the same as that of each of our dresses: attention to detail, elegance, originality and hospitality.