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Surprise your loved ones with Gift Cards for Valmontone Outlet! Give them the freedom to shop in more 180 stores with discounts up to 70%!

Make it for any amount you choose

The value of the Gift Card can be used as many times as the recipient wishes, while there is still credit on it, in any of the stores at Valmontone Outlet that accept MasterCard.

No pin necessary

The Valmontone Outlet Gift Card is a Prepaid swipe&sign MasterCard, so there is no need to remember a PIN when using it.

No limits

If the item purchases costs more than the amount on the Gift Card the difference can be paid using any of the other payment methods allowed by the store (cash, debit or credit card).

It’s not personal

There are no spaces on the card for the name or signature so it is not necessary to show an ID document to make a purchase.

Customer service

Gift Card users are be entitled to special customer service 24/7 at this number: 02 40326047, and can see their residual balance by checking the special website at the link.

Valid for 12 months

The total value represented by the Card can be spent by the holder any time within 12 months of enabling it.