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Alice Pizza was opened in 1990 in Rome by master pizza chef Domenico Giovannini, with his great love for good food. The first shop selling pizza by the slice was opened on Via delle Grazie and was an immediate success, thanks to the quality of the raw materials, the variety of flavors offered and the easy-to-digest feature of his pizzas, made with a natural rising process like that used to make artisan breads. In a sector characterized by improvisation and lack of professional training, Alice brings a breath of innovation to the sector of pizza-by-the-slice, giving it all the careful study and attention that we find in the kitchens of the best restaurants. Today, Alice Pizza is a renowned brand thanks to the unrivaled quality of its products that make it the reference for those who, during their lunch hour or an evening with friends, or even just as a snack during a pleasant afternoon walk, like to enjoy the goodness and heartiness of a tasty slice of pizza: simple, but at the same time uncommon, with lots of different toppings. Care, courtesy and attention for the customer are the foundations on which Alice Pizza relies to give its customers a tasty break in a friendly, comfortable setting, ideal at any time of day. “We make it lighter, crisper and with so many more toppings. We prepare it in the traditional way, with slow rising, and then we add all our imagination and bring it to you with a smile every day”.