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Starting on April 8th, the new contest rewards your shopping.

Before imagining the prizes you can win, remember that to participate in the contest, it is necessary to download the Valmontone Outlet App on your Smartphone or Tablet: only then can you obtain the Valmontone Virtual Card.

Use it for your purchases and to accumulate points.

The APP&WIN contest is valid until December 31, 2024.

With every purchase made at the outlet stores, by presenting the Valmontone Virtual Card, you can accumulate points and reach 3 different merit tiers.

For every €20 spent (even cumulatively on multiple purchases in the same store), you earn 1 point.

The tiers are divided into:
• Welcome Tier up to 99 points
• Bronze Tier from 100 to 299 points
• Silver Tier from 300 to 499 points
• Gold Tier from 500 points onwards.

During certain periods of the year and if you shop on your birthday, extra points are also provided to help you reach the next merit tier more easily.

Every €100 spent on the same day can win a Gift Card worth €50.

Additionally, every month, for each tier, there are Gift Cards worth €100 up for grabs among all those who make purchases in the same month.

Furthermore, every month upon moving from one merit tier to the next or to a higher one, you can win up to €150 in Gift Cards.

Participating in the contest is very easy!

Use your Valmontone Virtual Card before every purchase and try to win €50 in Gift Cards every day, €100 Gift Cards every month, and participate in the final draw of €1,000 among all those who have reached the Gold tier.

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