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Women's clothing and accessories that express all the sensibility and attention to current trends and evolving society. These are the products of Camomilla Italia, a company that has been operating in the clothing sector since 1974 and today proposes itself with a very competitive franchising plan. Since 2006, there are already about a hundred boutiques in Italy and even the furniture chosen for the shops is beginning to be recognizable, an extreme synthesis of elegance and linearity. Camomilla wants to sell only elegant products with a unique style, able of attracting the attention of women. Its goal, the mission, is to create value, which is why those who work in Camomilla always try to create lasting relationships with customers. The Camomilla brand is elegant, has style, is feminine and characterized by constant stylistic research, is attentive to women and their needs, and offers unique and original solutions. Can you want more? If you are looking for a unique style in dressing, a mix of refinement and sobriety, full of vitality and incisive in the definition of a particular look, then you are looking for Camomilla. This brand took a few years, only 15, to expand up to the opening of 50 and then 100 stores. Women, passionate about the Camomilla lifestyle, have appreciated the original and unique products but have also tried to share with this brand the good taste in dressing up to express undisputed loyalty to Camomilla Italia. Elegant and refined clothing and accessories make Camomilla Italia the energy that all women can no longer do without.