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The tie, for many people, especially for men, is not just an accessory that serves to emphasize the class and personality of an individual but is a necessity, just like the shirt that is needful in a professional context. The choice of shirt and tie, in front of a wide range of clothes in your wardrobe, becomes a matter of mood, personality, character. To meet everyone's needs, many years ago, precisely in 1946, the La Corona brand was born which is aimed above all at classy customers, those who cannot do without the tailored quality of the clothes. Today, La Corona is a large company that distributes products packaged according to the most ancient tailoring techniques. The brand was born in the nineties but the family tradition has been going on in an intelligent way since 1946, gradually expanding the sales network and improving distribution. The shirts manufactured by La Corona are exclusively made in Italy, the ties are cut and sewn by hand using the secrets of tailoring able to make each product unique and inimitable. To make La Corona shirt and tie special, of course, there is the choice of fabrics, practically the finest. Alternatively, there are quality yarns and accessories. Every detail is taken care of in a particular way. The search for classic models and patterns is also very well defined, ideal for men who above all want to be elegant, refined and modern.