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Levi Strauss is synonymous with quality jeans, even if, as the history of the brand explains well, the invention of blue jeans was only the first step towards the creation of a completely original brand. With its history Levi Strauss testifies to the constant work towards achieving the highest quality in a continuous tension towards innovation. Levi Strauss has a tradition of more than 150 years. Levi Strauss, in fact, moved from Bavaria to America in 1853 starting to sell clothing, shoes and other goods in very small shops. Only in 1872, from the collaboration with Jacob Davis, was born the first patent of a line of workwear that would mark the history of fashion: blue jeans were born. What is most striking about Levi Strauss products is the quality. In fact, the company asked for a scientific check on the life cycle of the Levi’s 501 to find that the greatest impacts of the clothes are in the cotton fields and once the garments are sold. Levi Strauss then cares about the environment by reducing the production of carbon dioxide and promoting sustainable growth Better Cotton. As for sales, the Levi Strauss staff reminds you that to have perfect jeans it is not necessary to always put them in the washing machine, on the contrary washing them less and in cold water before drying them in the sun, it is the correct way to respect the environment and have perfect pants. Choose the environment, choose resistance, choose to always be fashionable with Levi Strauss trousers: tradition at the service of your desire to dress respecting nature.