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Marina Militare Sportswear for Men, Women and Children, is a brand inspired by the world of the Navy, a reality made of passion and spirit of self-denial, of history and prestige, which tells strong emotions and hands down a very topical tradition.

Stylistic research and styling draw on the values ​​of which the Italian Navy is the custodian, and are part of its history. They are concrete values, widespread and strongly sedimented in the public imagination, they are a way of feeling, living, dreaming, accepting challenges and overcoming limits. A modern interpretation that places man at the center, an integral, true, human man.

The emblem, which collects the heraldic coats of arms of the four maritime republics, Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi, is, together with the tricolor, a witness to the history

Our collections
Timeless look. The main line of Marina Militare Sportswear to which all the other brands belong.

Naval Aviation
The sailor-pilot, the blue of the sea merges with the blue of the sky, with no more horizons and with the innate passion of flight: the two worlds touch, merge.

San Marco Regiment
Dynamism and innovation. It is one of the most advanced corps in the navy.

Amerigo Vespucci
A timeless charm. The flagship of the Italian Navy fleet, it is the most beautiful ship in the world: its unmistakable style excites and transmits a romantic image of the sea.

The magic of the world below.
The SMG Todaro S526 brand is dedicated to the underwater world of submarines.