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“ANTOLOGIA”  is a project that brings together garments from different collections of Italian brands in the same store, which meet the needs of all women. The collections speak of femininity and the strengths are the quality of the fabrics, the style, the details and the comfort.



The comfortable and giving collection that expresses uniqueness and character with style.

A line that capitalizes on great fitting expertise, combined with fresh, commercial ideas. Offerings that relate to every moment during the day of a contemporary woman, who is looking first-and-foremost for a good fit, but with style and colour as well at an attractive price.



Diana Gallesi is emotion and style. It’s a brand that allows women to be themselves, on every occasion, at every moment to live every moment with audacity and sophistication.

Over the course of the years, Diana Gallesi has featured several of the most stylish Italian actresses and presenters as testimonials of its contemporary  classic appeal.



Dynamic and sparkling, Notes is a brand with fresh and trendy proposals that wants to accompany women at any time of the day. 


All of these collections offer a complete wardrobe, for modern and inclusive women. Every woman has her own story, and she transmits her way of interpreting herself through fashion.