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For more than 200 years Bassetti has been providing families with quality household products that are the result of careful and scientific research in the company's laboratories and of an innate need for respect for the environment. We dress the house with creativity and style, for the pleasure and imagination of those who live there. This is the slogan used by the Bassetti company to present the mission of those who, since 1830, have been thinking of families to the general public. The company's first shop was inaugurated in Milan and offered "canvases, Flanders tablecloths, linen and Baptist handkerchiefs, maids, blankets, tendie and sweaters". Today, Bassetti has organized a capillary sales network that extends throughout the national territory, up to the European market. Do not miss the quotation on the stock exchange of Bassetti which has managed to give Bassetti breath. The collections that can be found in Bassetti stores are many. Among those most in evidence we find Decor, Good Daym Imagine, Kate Neckel, Smurfs, Granfoulard and Il Piumone. The Milan company, in fact, deals with products for the bedroom, for the living room, furniture, bathroom and the sea. For the bedroom, it offers colorful and quality pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers and quilts. For the hall and the furniture, however, you can find furnishing towels, plaids and pillow covers. And those who want Bassetti also in the bathroom, will have sponges, shower towels and bathrobes at their disposal. And we are only talking about the leading products. On the internet, but especially in the shops, you will find the courtesy of the staff and the richness of the Bassetti proposal.