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Crocs is the leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children. In 2012 the brand in question celebrated its first 10 years but the quality of the shoes proposed suggests that the company will have a very, very long life. Crocs shoes have dominated the catwalks with the proposal of over 300 models for all seasons. What makes the difference is the use of a new material, invented by Crocs researchers, which gives the footwear comfort, softness, lightness but also resistance to odors. Very interesting, just to mention just a few models of the Crocs brand, the boat collections, the shoes with heels and wedges and the translucent ones. The boat collection, for example, was designed with the functionality to be attributed to these shoes in mind, ideal for any aquatic adventure, given the slots for ventilation. Style but above all comfort are the inspiring principles of the line of shoes with heels and wedges to be used in any situation, at work or in free time. But if you really want to give a sparkling touch to your days, you have to think only of translucent, which are clogs but also simple slippers for women or children. Clothing, socks, bags and mobile phone covers are the accessories proposed by Crocs which gives the outlet a place of honor in its stores, both real and virtual. Take a look at the collections of footwear for women, men, girls and boys, you will certainly not struggle to reflect yourself in a particular model. Crocs thinks of you, your identity, the one to keep from head to toe.