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One of the greatest exponents in the production of shoes and sportswear is the Geox brand, born from the entrepreneurial idea of ​​Mario Moretti Polegato. The name derives from the Greek and refers to the term earth. Listed on the stock exchange for some years, it has never lost sight of the artisan tradition that has guaranteed Geox a springboard to success. Today in our country there are more than 1000 Geox single-brand stores. The success of the brand is clearly linked to the invention of the breathable sole, a real patent tested on sports shoes, a type of sole that makes these shoes super breathable. Since the first Geox dedicated to running and the gym, a lot of progress has been made. In the sports sector, professional and not only, Geox proposes itself to the general public through the products of Diadora, a company that has distinguished itself in the production of sports clothing and shoes. For men and women Geox produces all kinds of footwear, all breathable: sneakers and moccasins but also sandals. There is no shortage of clothing, especially jackets, which give a very special casual look to boys and girls. Geox does not neglect the little ones, so there is a separate section complete with cots, products for the first steps and shoes for the very young. Geox accompanies children on their growth path with quality shoes that respect the evolution of the body and resist sweating. Let your feet take a breath of air, use Geox, the shoe that breathes. Treat your feet like princes and you will be the kings and queens of the walk.