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The Parapharmacy, as the name of the activity suggests, is a commercial activity in which drugs that can be obtained without the presentation of a medical prescription, over-the-counter drugs, cosmetic products, health items, products for children are available, hygiene and nutrition. The parapharmacy is a welcoming place where the variety of products available goes hand in hand with the competence and professionalism of the staff, which always include registered pharmacists. In the Lo Speziale parapharmacy, you will find food supplements, herbal products, phytomedicines, pesticides, homeopathic medicines, veterinary medicines (including those that require a prescription) and cosmetic products. In parapharmacies, today, you can also find group C medicines, those that do not require the presentation of the prescription, with the exception of oral contraceptives, hormones or other products that fall into this category. Aboca, Babygella, Bionike, Chicco, Dr.Sholl’s (shoes, insoles, etc.), Enerzona, Fanghi, Guam, Gibaud, Giuliani (Bioscalin, Lichtena etc.), Lineamed, Mellin, Pic (pressure gauges, aerosols, etc.), Plasmon, Saugella, Somatoline, Rephase, Vichy, Sop and Otc (for example: Enterogermina, Maalox, Moment, Tachipirina and many others). These are some of the products that you can find discounted at the Lo Speziale Parapharmacy. Other services offered include the analysis of body mass, the analysis of the skin and hair, the analysis of food intolerances and the analysis of emotional states. Ask for excellence in personal care, you will be answered by the courtesy and professionalism of the Lo Speziale Pharmacy. Ask for the best and more will be given to you. Do not hesitate, the Parapharmacy Lo Speziale is waiting for you.