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Piquadro skilled in innovative business bags and accessories, which stand out for their great functionality of use and express all the originality and elegance of Italian style in the high-performance and recognizable design. Piquadro is an Italian company and brand, which explains the quality of its leathers and the sensitivity in design. He explains his passion, his creativity, his sense of informal and at the same time professional style. The spirit of Piqudro products lies in the concept that inspires the design of each of them "tech-inside". But functionality for Piquadro goes beyond the containment of high-tech accessories, touching all aspects of the product: new materials, new tests to verify their reliability, new internal organization solutions to make your articles more and more comfortable and useful in practice. of every day. The materials, construction and functionality are such that Piquadro products are of professional quality and reliability. A Piquadro bag is a smart accessory. Professional life is becoming more and more hectic and hectic. Piquadro gives you a hand to face it: engineered for business.