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The Romanelli brand has a ten-year history and is proposed as a brand designed exclusively for women. The female public finds in the Romanelli stores everything that is necessary to be fashionable. Footwear and accessories, with Romanelli, have no more secrets. Romanelli, in fact, proposes a collection of its own and also selects collaborators and partners to offer customers a selection of all respect. The quality of the proposal, the inevitable style and the novelty of the collections are the heart of the business of this brand that aims to satisfy customers, to fulfill their wishes. The commercial proposal is very determined and the best brands of shoes and accessories, in these stores, can be bought at an appropriate price. Taste and elegance within your wallet, just to use a pun. But there is little to play looking at the rich collection of products for the fair sex offered by the Romanelli brand: dancers, basic shoes, espadrilles, moccasins, sandals, high shoes, flat shoes, elegant shoes, ankle boots, sneakers, lace-ups but also covers for smartphones, slippers and bags. Everything for the woman who wants to stand out from the commonplace without spending too much but without leaving the groove of good taste. The wide range of proposals in Romanelli shops requires that there is also a staff prepared, ready to respond to customer needs. Expect the best and you will be rewarded by the courtesy and professionalism of the staff. Look for the best and find what you are looking for, at a good price. Romanelli is the point of union between originality, quality and convenience