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Rubacuori is written, it reads “the colorful world of children”. Rubacuori is a clothing brand designed for boys aged 0 to 14. A very colorful and imaginative reality, designed specifically for young people and the very young. Rubacuori offers products of the highest quality, with attention to every detail, selected from those of the best brands that have been leaders in children’s clothing for years. Numerous stores, all in Lazio. On the other hand, Genesi Srl is specialized in the distribution and retail sale of children’s clothing. The Rubacuori brand, conceived by the Mascolo brothers, is a commercial reality that combines quality and price well. Today the company Genesi Srl and the Rubacuori brand are a symbol of professionalism and attention to detail. International models and brands have been presented with rigor and attention for over twenty years. Among the brands sold in Rubacuori stores we find Desigual, Scorpion Bay, Rubacuori, Sweet Years, Gaudì, Krytik, Gas, Artigli, To Be Too, Ducati, Mash and Betty Fly. Rubacuori offers a wide range of products also in e-commerce, specifying online systems to determine the most comfortable size for your kids. The height in centimeters, in fact, is not enough on its own but must be combined with the circumference of the chest, the waist circumference and the circumference of the hips. If you have all these numbers in hand, Rubacuori dresses will seem tailor-made. Therefore, do not give up the possibility of entering a beautiful and colorful world. Catapult yourself into a Rubacuori shop, you will be satisfied by the seriousness of the staff and by the proposal of original and excellent quality garments.