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Salewa is meaning of  Sattler, Leder and Waren, which means saddler, leather and products. In fact, Salewa was born in Bolzano and initially specialized in the production of leather transmission belts and harnesses for horses. The origins of the brand, even in terms of terminology, would never have suggested that the Salewa company would later become a leader in the production of mountain sports equipment.

Salewa, today, produces everything you need to climb to high altitudes safely, from backpacks to carabiners to go on a via ferrata. Salewa has a very nice payoff: products that are always at the forefront, technical and extreme. The company, active since 1935, has also become famous internationally. Whoever builds a mountain sports equipment kit cannot do without Salewa.

After the first postwar period, Salewa introduced gym bags in the summer, while in winter it launched backpacks and then ski poles on the market. Then we moved on to ice screws, ice axes and crampons. The mountain sports equipment kit, however, was not yet complete. The next step, in fact, was the creation of the lightweight climbing helmet, in the functional corn fiber and finally in the Attac carabiner, indispensable for those who go on a via ferrata.

Salewa, therefore, accompanies you at high altitudes and does so to guarantee you maximum safety. Take a look at the Mountaneering line and the shoe line of the Bolzano-based brand. You will understand that with Salewa, the mountain no longer represents something to fear but just another adventure.