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Sonny Bono, born to be trendy or better, as the company's payoff says “born trendy”. The Sonny Bono brand proposes the style and the strategy adopted so far has proved successful. What does Sonny Bono offer? A casual and dynamic total look, designed for people who love to dress without conditioning but with an eye to the latest trends. A look that can be built in one's own image and likeness by combining original characters with classic clothing, capable of “making fashion”. Sonny Bono, for each collection, offers its customers exclusive solutions that become reference points for those who love citywear, sportwear and the basic look. That's why in the stores of the brand in question you can find leather garments, but also classic suits, quality jeans and knitwear, shirts, an exceptional lingerie line and even shoes. If we talk about the total look it is evident that among the products offered in the Sonny Bono stores there are also body care products, sunglasses, watches and other fashion accessories that serve to complete the main offer made up of clothing items. clothing. Total look means that even the shops of the Sonny Bono brand are unique in their kind. They offer a single-brand formula, in a furniture consisting of high-tech, modern design elements, combined with natural elements such as wood, which gives the stores a lot of warmth and natural elegance. If you were born to be trendy and if you want to find out what's really trendy in the world of clothing, trust Sonny Bono, the brand that welcomes you and sets you apart.