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C&J Clark International is a great British brand that has an impressive and unique heritage in shoe design that stretches back almost 200 years. The brand creates premium quality footwear, blending British traditional craft and innovative technology better than anyone else. The Clarks company was born in Britain and still remains head quartered in the UK. The Clarks company began in 1825, in a small cottage in the tiny English village of Street, Somerset. The Clarks brand has been manufacturing, designing and selling stylish, premium quality shoes for almost 200 years. The brand takes inspiration from their iconic archive, based in Street, Somerset, and the melting pot of British culture from throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Loved by celebrities across the globe, the Clarks brand are also the proud owners of the iconic Desert Boot, invented by Nathan Clark in 1949, its inspiration was a crepe soled boot made from rough suede in Cairo’s Old Bazaar and the footwear of choice for off duty English Army officers. Often imitated but never bettered, the Clarks original Desert Boot was an instant hit and the first ever casual shoe was born. C&J Clark Limited, owners of the Clarks brand, the privately held footwear business, was founded in Street, Somerset in the UK by the Clark family in 1825. Still based in Street, the Clarks Group designs, develops and sells a wide range of footwear and accessories for men, women and children. The Clarks brand is renowned worldwide for quality and style with comfort.