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Eddicott is the product of an ancient Neapolitan sartorial tradition, established on the dictates of fashion and Made in Italy since the Sixties, thanks to the passion of the Sorrentino family. Today Eddicott is a brand of menswear for a total look that is both youthful and modern. The production maintains a constant standard based on the selection of the finest raw materials and careful study of the details and finishing which have always been the main business, starting from the production of shirts. Eddicott has its main facility in the province of Naples, in a new, modern industrial structure that occupies all of 3,000 square meters. The activities of production of the brand – the passion for fashion, the study of trends, great experience in the world of fabrics and style, continuous research into the world of menswear – have contributed to a profound culture of men’s fashions, prompting the Eddicott brand to invest in its own network of stores and develop its commercial expansion throughout the entire national territory with the franchising project.